Hisano Shepherd "Little H"

Hisano Takei – “Little H”

Hisano has been fascinated with art and jewelry making since childhood but was only first introduced to jewelry making with metals in high school. The technicality of bending a solid piece of metal and enameling on copper led her to take more classes in college and end up transferring to California State University of Long Beach to pursue the art of Metals and Jewelry. After finishing her undergrad, Hisano moved to New York where she entered the Masters Program of Metals at New York Paltz University. She has since been published in magazines such as: “American Craft”, “Karen”, and “Metalsmith.” She has also been published in the books: “Chainmail”, “500 Necklaces”, and “500 Felted Objects” (Lark Books).

Hisano now teaches jewelry making and design at two colleges in Southern California and spends her free time experimenting with different metals, textiles and her new-found love, pearls.

Hisano’s background is in art, metalsmithing and jewelry design, but Hisano also has a passion for the organic nature of pearls. She is particularly attracted to the unusual and unique shape of baroque and circle pearls, as each pearl has a shape as unique as a human finger print.

The Little H line combines Hisano’s love of pearls with her artistic metal smithing skills. Each piece is composed of baroque South Sea pearls silhouetted with shadows of the same pearls hand-cut from solid sterling silver. Every piece is handmade and completely unique.