Anthony Dreyer

Dreyers creative inspiration started 30 years ago at summer camp. While everyone else was mastering a winning serve on the tennis court, Anthony was weaving away, making friendships bracelets in the craft room to send to his best friend Jennifer. Oh so many years later he was invited to a holiday party where all of the gifts had to be made, not purchased. Instead of working that day like a responsible adult, Anthony spent his time recollecting and perfecting square knots for one of his favorite bracelets. The gift was such a hit at the party, it turned quickly into requests from other friends for additional pieces. Suddenly Anthony was making bracelets and necklaces for his friends, friends of friends, total strangers and oh yeah, an A-list pop star, A-list stylists, A-list fashion designers, and a celebrity weekly magazine... The rest, as they say, is history.

From Anthony’s fun embellished macramé's, to his old school friendship bracelets to his newest omerta collection, each piece of Anthony Dreyer Jewelry relays a statement from the wearer to the world.